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Augustana to go on tour with OneRepublic in the fall

Here's a blog entry from OneRepublic about this tour:

"For those of you in North America we're putting on a full tour starting the end of October through early December- we'll be posting dates very soon- we have several amazing bands that we suckered into opening for us on this tour - Augustana, The Spill Canvas, The Hush Sound....okay we didn't sucker them, we just like them alot and asked them to play with us. So if you live in pretty much any major city in the US (and a few non major cities) we will be coming to your town this fall!!!! We haven't named the tour yet- but I'm thinking "OneRepublic Fall Tour" has an amazing ring to it and reeks of originality and panache. Tell me what you think."

One date has been released so far, it's on November 6th at Fillmore in Denver. Tickets are up now on ticketmaster, check them out here!
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